Wenrui Cai

Wenrui Cai

1630 E. University Blvd.,
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0094
(520) 3313491


08/08~present College of Opticsal Sciences, Univerisity of Arizona
GPA:3.9 PhD Candidate in Optics.
Lab instructor for CGH(Computer Generated Hologram) Workshop at Univ. of Arizona (Co-sponsored by SPIE,)
Research Asistant for CGH Optical Tesing
Research Asistant for GMT Principal Test
Teaching Asistant for Optics 201L (Undergraduate Laboratory) and Optics 340 (Lens Design)

09/04~07/08 School of Physics and Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University, China
GPA:3.5 BS in Physics.
National Instruments Graduation Design Award
Scholarship in Class of National Natural Science Foundation in China (Twice)
Scholarship for Outstanding Students in SYSU (Three times)

Project Experiences

-GMT(Giant Magellan Telescope) Principal Test (01/09~06/09)
Resposibilities: optimizing centroid algorithm of Point Source Microscope (PSM) software. Help with the interferometry testing of CGHs (Computer Generated Hologram).

-Tensile Stresses in Ring-mounted Glass lenses (04/09~present)
Abstract: the project is to analyze the high stress contact between glass lenes and metal mounts using Finite element model and to predict its effect on the glass strength with experimental data.

-High-speed Polarization Analysis and Monitoring (11/07~04/08 Graduation Design)
Abstract:A photopolarimeter system is specially designed for real-time polarization analysis and monitoring. The division-of-amplitude method is used in the instrument structure. And LabVIEW software enables real-time display of instantaneous SOP or tracking polarization changes over time.
Responsibilities: Optical-path Design; Single Chip Microcomputer programming; LabVIEW Programming.

-Color Deviation and Optimizing Interpolation of Moire Patterns from CCD (06/07~10/07)
Responsibilities: Designed the general experiment plans and procedures; Coducted the Matlab programming to simulate the experimental phenomenons, and compared each interpolation algorithms.

Professional skills

-Proficiency in LabVIEW, Zemax, CODE V, Matlab;
-Experiences in Solidwork, CosmosWorks, OSLO, ASAP;
-Experiences in operating Interferometers, CMM, Laser Tracker.


Wenrui Cai, Dae Wook Kim, Ping Zhou, Robert E. Parks, James H. Burge, Interferometer Calibration using the Random Ball Test, OSA OF&T

Fengqing Luo, Wenrui Cai, F. Wang, Y. Li, J. Wang, Z. Cai, Division-of-amplitude photopolarimeter based on LABVIEW Laser Journal, ISSN:0253-2743(2009)05-0022-03

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