Optical Fabrication

Enhancements for CCOS (computer controlled optical surfacing)

Non-sequential CCOS optimization technique

Special polishing tools for steep aspheres: Rigid Conformal Lap, Semi-flexible lap

High speed shear mode grinding for aspheric surfaces

Optical Metrology

Analysis and optimization for interferometric measurements

Fabrication and characterization of CGH null correctors

Fizeau interferometry of aspheres using spherical reference + CGH

Enhancement of interferometry systems to reject vibration and coherent noise

Error Analysis and Data Reduction for Interferometric Surface Measurements

Measurements of large flat mirrors

Swingarm Optical CMM (SOC)

Software Configurable Optical Test System (SCOTS)

Scanning pentaprism system for telescope primary mirrors

Use of laser tracker system for surface measurements

Cryogenic Thermal Mask for Space-cold Optical Testing for Space Optical Systems

Interferometer Calibration using the Random Ball Test

Optical Engineering

Alignment techniques for complex optical systems

Lightweight mirror system using glass membrane with active rigid support

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