Sedona Trip, Arizona: Spring Break 2013

Sedona, Arizona

2013 Spring Break Trip, organized by Eric Frater

1. The vacation house where we stayed. Thanks to Jim for the accommodation.

2. Snow in Sedona. Just on the day we arrived, there was a huge storm went across northern Arizona. Tucson was raining, while Sedona turned to a winter wonderland. Such a heavy snow happens maybe once a decade in Sedona.

3. Therefore, snow fighting. You had to… how could you not~

4. More snow fighting  Just love this one~

5. The “Rainbow Dudes” very nicely color-matched outfits

6. The “Team-building” project. Dae Wook had this idea to make models of the telescopes the group is working on: LSST, GMT, ATST. Group members were divided into three groups and built their telescopes with paper and Popsicle sticks. Chunyu, Mei and Tianquan are working on GMT:

7. And we presented the work at night besides introduce the telescope you built, each team were asked to do a 5-min presentation talk about the group.

8. New facial hair style for Jim. And he actually made it when we were back.

9. Sliding and skiing the second day, some of the group went site-viewing and some went to skiing in Flagstaff.

10. Hiking the third morning, we hiked around Sedona. Most of the snow were gone, and it was a bright and beautiful day. Whoa, what a nice trip~ Thanks to Eric for organizing!


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