Matt Dubin

1630 E. University Blvd.,
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0094

Optical engineer with experience in innovation, design, prototyping and use of systems involving interferometry, alignment, imaging, opto-mechanical design, display design and illumination. My emphasis has been on combining conceptual and analytical skills with system design and practical implementation experience.

Associate Research Professor, College of Optics at the University of Arizona, August 2008 to present
• Assistant principal scientist for fabrication and test of meter class aspheric convex mirror. In addition to the overall day-to-day management of the project, I am responsible for the detailed design and implementation of the interferometric test.
• Assistant principal scientist for the fabrication, test, assembly and alignment of a four aspheric mirror prime focus corrector for an astronomical observatory. My primary responsibilities are for the system alignment. Other responsibilities include stray light analysis and assisting in other alignment tasks in the project.
• Teaching OPTI 696D and OPTI 524.

Senior Optical Engineer, Breault Research Organization’s Engineering Services group, 2004 to 2008
• System engineer for a man-portable, laser target designator. The system contained nine optical sub-systems, most of which shared common optical paths. The main telescope was an off axis Ritchie-Chretien system. Responsible for integration of optical and mechanical designs. In addition, participated in the development of the assembly plan, alignment of the test station as well as performed the alignment of several of the optical components.
• Principal investigator for phase II SBIR to develop a novel concept to measure the full aperture, transmitted wavefront of multi-layer missile domes. Responsible for design, fabrication, alignment plan and assembly of breadboard and prototype systems. Two instruments were successfully built that used high numerical aperture (0.95 and 1.0) wavefront matching optics. This approach was modified to measure the transmitted wavefront of large windows (meter class) as well as the stress birefringence in sapphire, glass and optical ceramics.
• Principal investigator for phase II SBIR to measure the full aperture, transmitted wavefront of a tangent ogive dome. The system required co-alignment of six interferometers, each in six degrees of freedom. The system has been built and used to successfully measure a tangent ogive dome.
• Developed novel semi-active laser seeker concepts.
• Responsible for completing the installation and alignment of optics for stray light test station including 35” primary mirror and an off axis conic which was aligned with one hand behind my back. Also aligned visible laser system for test station.
• System engineer for a custom machine vision lens. Designed and built a proof-of-concept lens with all off-the-shelf parts. Oversaw the lens and mechanical designs for lens currently in low volume production.
• Designed and analyzed multiple systems including yarn inspection system, high volume UV curing system, displays, consumer products and illumination systems.

Optical Scientist, Honeywell International, 1996 to 2004
• System engineer for prototype projection display for use as a primary flight display. Oversaw design of imaging optics and mechanical design. Designed illumination system and assembled prototype.
• Designed, modeled and verified performance of a prototype LED wingtip navigation light.
• Responsible for modeling and prototype design of a high-brightness backlight for use in head up displays.
• Designed multiple types of head up display proof of concept systems including preliminary lens design for a powered combiner HUD.
• Constructed various experimental systems and identified the tradeoffs associated with tiling projection displays for NASA’s High Speed Research program.

Lieutenant, Arizona Army National Guard, 1998 to 2001
• Patient Administration Department (PAD) officer for the Arizona Army National Guard. Responsible for the medical records for over 4,000 soldiers as well as the soldiers working in the PAD.

Ph.D. – Optical Sciences from the University of Arizona, Tucson AZ, August 2002.
M.S. – Optical Sciences from the University of Arizona, Tucson AZ, May 1996.
B.S.E. – Biomedical and Electrical Engineering from Duke University, Durham NC, May 1993.


Inventor on 21 issued patents.

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M. Dubin, Polychromatic Image Noise in Rear Projection Screens, Doctoral dissertation, 2002.
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