Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope

Hobby Eberly Telescope

Giant Magellan Telescope

Large Synoptic Survey Telescope

Concept Study of a 2.52m Test Flat Calibration System for Goodrich Corp.

Discovery Channel Telescope
The large optics shop polished the primary mirror for the Discovery Channel Telescope (DCT) which is to be housed at Lowell Observatory. The F/1.9 mirror blank was approximately 4.3 meters.

Arizona Imaging Spectrometer (Starlight)
A 16″ R-C telescope for a space shuttle experiment–This novel telescope’s optics and structure are made entirely of a metal matrix composite comprised of aluminum and silicon carbide. This design provides an athermalized telescope which is extremely rugged and achieves diffraction limited performance over a 1 degree field.

Gravity Probe B Facetted Quartz Block
A two facetted quartz blocks for the Gravity Probe B spaceborne experiment–These blocks have tenth wave requirements on surface figure and one arcsecond perpendicularity tolerances between facets in two planes.

Far Infrared Space Telescope Technology Demonstrator Mold
A 2 meter diameter convex F/1 sphere for the FIRST program–This convex sphere will be used as a mold for demonstrating replicating technology for graphite-composite based optics.

James Webb Space Telescope Technology Demonstrator
An ultra-lightweight 2 meter diameter, 2 mm thick demonstrator mirror for the JWSB program–The University of Arizona has developed a process to fabricate thin shells which can be actively controlled for figure correction. The shell will be attached to actuators which will be mounted on a carbon fiber support structure.

DCATT Primary Mirror
A 1 meter diameter aluminum mirror for DCATT (Developmental Cryogenic Active Telescope Testbed). The goal of the testbed is to represent in hardware an optical system that incorporates all of the functional elements envisioned in the NGST active optical system, and to investigate the viability and efficiency of candidate wavefront sensing and wavefront control techniques and algorithms. Arizona Daily Star story

Hughes 1.5 Meter Reference Sphere
A 1.5 meter reference sphere with a 10 meter radius of curvature. This mirror will be used in a cryo chamber as part of a testbed for sensor packages.

Greenbank Telescope Retroreflector
Designed and Fabricated a retroreflector design which achieves an acceptance angle of 120º compared to 24º for a typical cornercube reflector. 18 retroreflectors will be positioned on the perimeter of the Greenbank Telescope for measuring deflections induced by wind and gravity loading.

EUV Imager Mirrors
Nine F/0.5 primary mirrors to be used in a spaceborne EUV Imager. These mirrors were figured to an accuracy of better than an eighth wave with a surface roughness of better than three Angstroms rms.

SLOAN 2.5 Meter Primary
A hyperbolic F/2.2 2.5 meter primary mirror for the SLOAN digital sky survey. This telescope will be used to perform a digital sky survey in support of cosmology studies. The following article shows a detailed description of the implemented telescope complete with optical prescription, image analysis, and photographs:

Multiple Mirror Telescope Primary and Secondary Mirrors for the Smithsonian Institute and Stewart Observatory
Fabricated seven 1.8 meter diameter primary mirrors and six secondary mirrors. This telescope was based on new technology which utilized six primary mirror segments to effectively act as one monolithic mirror.

Allegheny Observatory 30″ Objective
Fabricated a 30″ doublet objective which was achromatized for the red. This telescope is used to search for planetary systems outside our solar system.

United States Naval Observatory Astrographic Lens System
Fabricated five lenses ranging in size from 8.5″ to 10.5″ which comprised the Astrographic Lens System. This system is used to take distortion free photographs of the sky in order to accurately track the movement of stars. This is arguably the best lens of its kind in the world.

Developmental Ultra-lightweight Metal Foam Telescopes for the United States Department of Defense
Fabricated several developmental telescopes which used metal foam primary mirrors. The mirror sizes ranged from 8″ to 16″ in diameter.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory 1.5 Meter Off-Axis Parabola
Developed a new technology for fabricating large off-axis optics. Fabricated a 1.5 meter optic for JPL and performed fabrication research on several other optics involved in the SDI program.

Optical System for the Descent Imager/Spectral Radiometer
Fabricated the optics for a spaceborne optical system which is used for geological studies. This work was performed by the following organizations: Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, United States Geological Survey, Dept de Recherche Spatiale (France), Max Planck Institut fur Aeronomie (Germany), and Technesche Universitat Braunschweig (Germany).

NASA Fabrication Experiments
Developed and utilized fabrication methods to produce large antenna reflector mold segments used for replicating optical surfaces. Fabricated several convex off-axis paraboloid optics for the Solar Telescope Project.

Bok 2.3 Meter Telescope Primary mirror
Fabricated a 2.3 meter primary for a telescope located at Kitt Peak National Observatory and operated by Steward Observatory.

2 Meter Aperture Collimator
Fabricated the optics for a three mirror collimator which produces a 2 meter diameter beam for the United States Army Missle Command.

High Gravity Environment Infrared Source Collimators
Fabricated several two element collimator systems for the United States Air Force which produced 6″ diameter unobscured beams and can survive a 10G load.

Test Optics for the 6.5 Meter MMT Conversion Primary Mirror
Fabricated the null lens optical elements used to test the MMT conversion 6.5 meter primary mirror.

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