Optical engineering projects often require massive data processing with many steps in the course of design, simulation, fabrication, metrology, and evaluation. A MATLAB-based data processing platform has been developed to provide a standard way to manipulate and visualize various types of data that are created from optical measurement equipment. The operation of this software platform via a graphical user interface is easy and powerful. Data processing is performed by running modules that use a proscribed format for sharing data. Complex operations are performed by stringing modules together using macros. While numerous modules have been developed to allow data processing without the need to write software, the greatest power of the platform is provided by its flexibility. A developer’s toolkit is provided to allow development and customization of modules, and the program allows a real-time interface with the standard MATLAB environment. This software, developed by the Large Optics Fabrication and Testing group at the University of Arizona, is now publicly available.

D. Kim, B. J. Lewis, and J. H. Burge, “Open-source data analysis and visualization software platform: SAGUARO,”
Proc. SPIE, (2011)

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