Being a part of OpticStudio (Zemax) STOP feature beta program.

LOFT peers (Jaren, George, Charlotte, and Daewook) have been a part of OpticStudio (Zemax) STOP feature beta program. We are pleased to be a part of the industrial software development and advancement serving our international community.

“When doing work with NASA, the optics must be perfect. As a member of our beta program, the team at the University of Arizona used the STAR module to prepare their proposal for the future NASA exoplanet detection mission designing advanced telescopic optics.

“Now we get the data from the FEA software into OpticStudio and use the STAR module for STOP analysis,” said Daewook Kim, University of Arizona Assistant Professor of Optical Sciences and Astronomy. “We can quickly and easily see the structural and thermal impacts and ensure our optical designs are accurate.””

Here is the full announcement by OpticStudio (Zemax).


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